Sport Betting Special Reward

Promotion details:

Bet amountBasic3.5 million/month15 million/month
Sport Special Reward0.3%0.35%0.45%

Membership promotion program
  • The accumulated bet per month is from 1st to 31st.
  • The system will automatically review members’ qualification monthly. If members reach the upgrade requirements, the system will directly upgrade the level and reward points to members’ account.
  • Fortuna reviews the members’ qualification at the end of each month. If Gold members have less than 3 million monthly bets, Fortuna will remove the Gold membership and downgrade as VIP members.
  • ※  No application needed-no need to apply for reward, the system directly transfers to members’ account.
  • ※  No waiting – points reward immediately after each bill is settled.
  • ※  No threshold - no threshold required for members to win rewards.
  • ※  No upper limit - there is no weekly reward limitation. The more members bet, the more rewards they get to win.
  • The same account/bank account/phone number/similar or the same IP location/network environment, can only calm this promotion once.
  • Fortuna reserves the right to strictly monitor the member's behavior and find any members, who violate, deceive or use the rules and terms to illegally profit and to unilaterally decide whether the member uses the winnings to conduct abnormal or risk-free betting, Fortuna has the right to terminate the member login. There is no notify needed to suspend the accessibility of this website and to confiscation the lottery and profit.
  • To avoid any discrepancies in the understanding of the text or any changes in the activities, Fortuna reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time. The final interpretation and change of the 4 Stars Lotto will be retained.
  • This promotion is not applicable for Pinnacle.betting
  • In sports parley betting, there will be no reward points for winning but for losing.
※ This promotion is limited to the valid bets. The risk-free bet and the no-served bet are not counted as valid bets.
※ Risk-free betting includes (betting on dealers and players at the same time in baccarat, roulette, dice ,and other similar bets, [black, red], [die, dice], [bidder, smaller] etc.).

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