$1000 bonus gift, Fortune Gaming celebrating your birthday!

Promotion time: starts today

Promotion qualification: Deposit 3 times or above in the 30 days before your birthday, and have a betting record, member can provide proof of identity to the Line customer service and apply for the promotion within 10 days before birthday (including the date of birthday).
30 days ahead of your birthdayBirthday bonus gift
Deposit 3 times or above1000 points
  • This promotion is limited to apply once a year.
  • Please provide the identity document to the official account.Line ID:@fbz2175
  • The same account/bank account/phone number/similar or the same IP location/network environment can only calm this promotion once.
  • To uphold the principle of fairness and impartiality of members, the entertainment platform has the right to strictly monitor the behavior of members. In the event of any violation, deception or use of rules and terms for illegal profit-making, we will retain the right to an indefinite review of the deduction points and the generated benefits.

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