Sign-up bonus $300

Collect qualification:  Applicable to newly registered members.Unable to apply for promotional bonus after deposit.

(Bank account binding method: After selecting “OL- sales” from the menu at the top right of the homepage, fill in your personal bank account information to complete the binding process.)

Withdrawal limitation:  The number of points that can be applied for withdrawal must be 3000 points, and the maximum withdrawal point is 3000 points. After the completion of the sales, the points will be fully zeroed.

(If the bank account information is incorrectly filled out and the member would like to change it, Fortuna will cancel 300 sign-up bonus and all the profits it generates.)

Promotion details:   
  • After the member completes the registration, click “Apply Now” to receive 300 points bonus and it will be automatically sent to the e-wallet.
  • After receiving the experience fee, you must reach (10000 points) the effective bet amount for online sales.
  • ※To inquire all betting data, please go to the MEM-REPO from the menu at the top right of the homepage.

    ※This activity does not apply to members of the [Electronic Pavilion] & [Chess Game] & [Fishing Game] to receive the experience gold for the game, if there is a bet generated in [Electronic Pavilion] or [Chess Game] or [Fishing Game] The 'profit' and 'bets' will not be calculated, and all profit points will be recovered and the qualification will be cancelled.

  • The maximum withdrawal amount for this promotion is 3000 points. If the withdrawal amount or profit exceeds 3000 points, it will be calculated at 3000 points, and the remaining profits will be reset as 0.
  • If the member deposits value after receiving the sign-up bonus, the points in site needs to be less than 100 to receive a deposit bonus.
  • The same account/bank account/phone number/similar or the same IP location/network environment, can only calm this promotion once.
  • To uphold the principle of fairness and justice, Mave Rick Gaming has the right to monitor members’ activities. In the event of violations, deceptions or illegal use of illegal means, we will have the right to freeze the points in your account.
  • All draws, risk-free bets, or canceled bets will not be counted as valid bets. ( The Mark Six bet is not counted)
  • Mave Rick Gaming reserves the right of final interpretation of the event and reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the offer at any time.

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