Winback 888

Promotion details:

Members who lose 10,000 points from the 1st to the 31st in a month.
can apply for this promotion. (Mark Six lotteries are not included)
Members are limited to apply for this promotion once a month and accumulated valid bets must reach 10 times overturns to apply for online sales.

  • After the application is submitted, it will be automatically replenished into member’s account after the system has completed the review.
  • After receiving the bonus, the accumulated valid bets must reach 10 times overturn. For example, the deposit is 888 points. If members want to apply for online sales, must reach requested valid bets 888×10=8880 points.
  • All draws, risk-free bets, or canceled bets will not be counted as valid bets.
  • The same account/bank account/phone number/similar or the same IP location/network environment, can only calm this promotion once.
  • Fortuna reserves the right of final explanations of this promotion and has the right to modify, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time.
  • Fortuna reviews the members’ qualifications at the end of each month. If Gold members have less than 3.5 million monthly bets, Fortuna will cancel the Gold membership and downgrade as VIP members.

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